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My Dynastes hercules hercules larva


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Just moved my 2 pairs to a large bin. A big thanks to Peter C for getting me some substrate. I am hoping it will work. I am amazed at how big they have gotten since the end of Sept. Not sure if they are L3 yet as they should get much larger. Hopefully they will all do good living together, and also with the new substrate. Time will tell. Let me know your thoughts as this is my first time doing this. Thanks guys!


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Heres a L3 DHH next to a ruler. Hope this helps.


Are you sure that is DHH larva?


Here is a link I saw on internet that makes me suspicious that it MIGHT be D. tityus larva though the author didn't specify what species it is.



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So, does anyone know how long the L3 stage is for Dhh? I need to know when to get started on an enclosure for the adults.


It can vary, anywhere between 1 - 2 years or more depending on rearing conditions. Looking at your photos, no need to rush to make an enclosure for tha adults any time soon. I'd guess at least 9 more months as a larva plus 3-4 months for the pupation part of the life cycle (pupal cell / prepupa / pupa / eclosion / resting adult in cell / emergence on surface) before you need a cage for the adults.

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