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Hi everyone. I just started breeding beetles so I still don't know a lot of things. I heard they hibernate. Is that true? And how can I know they're hibernating? I have 2 males Coelosis Bicornis and a female Heterogomphus. Right now, is a bit cold here, and the beetles don't seen to want to get out of the cage. Actually, don't even get out from the soil, they stay there for days. What could that be? Should I be worried or this is normal? They stay under the soil just because it is cold or they're really hibernating?

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They Barrie them selfs, don't eat that much, and are not really active are all sighs that they are hibernating.

In that case, they must be hibernating. What should I do? Just leave them there and don't touch them? And how long can it last?

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It depends on the specie and the time of year. Most of the time it's 3 months or less.

Is there any problem if I take him out of the soil to see if he is alive sometimes?

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