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  1. Oh really? Do they feed on animal feces? I don't think there was any where I found them, just a bunch of decayed grass.
  2. Hi again! I just found my first larvae yesterday. I believe them to be from the species I rear (Coelosis bicornis) since that's the rhino beetle that occurs in that area. There's barely any information on this species, so maybe you guys can help me figure it out. I found 3 larvae, 1 appears to be a L1 (which died shortly after I found it) while the other two seem to be L3 (see pictures). The L3s have a huge lump on their backs and are secreting a brown liquid sometimes (specially when I handle them) and I don't know if that's normal or they're sick. They were all found not deep into the soil at all and they were in a place with no rotten wood but with a bunch of decayed tall grass leaves and roots which leads me to believe they feed on that and not wood. Could that be the case? I put them on separate small containers with leaves and roots from the area they were collected and a little bit of rotten wood and I think they're reaching for the roots and leaves to eat but I'm not sure. They don't seem to want to dig deep too and are staying very close to the lid. The L3s are very active. How can I tell if they're eating or not? Any tips on how to proceed? Also, please correct me on anything I might be wrong about.
  3. Man, I've never even seen snow even a single time in my life haha. So is it ok to boil? I think Im just going to clean it by hand like you said, but do you think boiling should be fine? Or should it be just warm water like others suggested?
  4. You mean, freeze it and then put it on warm water?
  5. Hello! I just got a bunch of rotten wood and I was wondering what is the best way to clean it and get rid of possibly any other insects like termites and ants that might be on it. How can I do it?
  6. Is there any problem if I take him out of the soil to see if he is alive sometimes?
  7. Hello. I got a Heterogomphus female but it don't seem to get used to being caged. It is not eating and it's pretty weak so I think, if I keep it, it will die. So I decided to release it but I can't release it on the place I found the beetle. I may be able to do it next week but I don't know if she will stay alive until there (I think so but not sure). So what should I do? Wait until I can go where I got her or just release her right know?
  8. In that case, they must be hibernating. What should I do? Just leave them there and don't touch them? And how long can it last?
  9. Hi everyone. I just started breeding beetles so I still don't know a lot of things. I heard they hibernate. Is that true? And how can I know they're hibernating? I have 2 males Coelosis Bicornis and a female Heterogomphus. Right now, is a bit cold here, and the beetles don't seen to want to get out of the cage. Actually, don't even get out from the soil, they stay there for days. What could that be? Should I be worried or this is normal? They stay under the soil just because it is cold or they're really hibernating?
  10. Bananas and apples didn't worked. Now, there is watermelon on the cage. But, anyway, I think I will free her, because she really didn't like to get caught. The other beetles don't try to escape and eat the banana, dig holes on the soil, etc but the female don't seen to get used until now, so I think I will free her.
  11. Oh! You're right! I saw pictures on Google and they are not Ox Beetles. Oh man, I was wrong all this time. Btw, where I found this Heterogomphus female, I can find some males too, right? And I didn't see her eat. What kind of fruits the Heterogomphus likes the most? (I feed the 2 males with banana and they like it, but the female is not eating) Thank you very much for the information
  12. Hello everyone. I don't know if you remember me, but I caught 2 male Ox Beetles some weeks ago. Now, I found another beetle which I think it's a female Ox Beetle. I saw some pictures of females on the internet and really think it is a female, but I want you guys to confirm it for me. Here are some pictures:
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