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UK Beetle breeder


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Hi all


I found this site a couple of weeks ago. I'm a beetle breeder based in the UK. As well as being involved in the conservation work for a couple of the UKs rarer beetle species like the Noble Chafer Gnorimus nobilis and the Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus, I breed / have bred a range of "exotic" beetle species, mostly Dynastids and flower beetle species. I'm interested to see a lot of posts on Darkling Beetles on here, not species we currently see much of in the UK hobby - I may have to get some. Mostly I am to be found on the Bugnation forums on http://www.bugnation.co.uk - lots of beetle chat there - but I can see myself visiting these forums regularly as well.



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The book listed on Amazon is the "National Stag Beetle Survey 2002". This is the end result of a UK wide survey for the Stag Beetle organised by the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species. The public were asked to record any sighting of the beetles and send them to PTES. I did the record verification and data analysis and wrote the report. PTES published the report as a standalone document with an ISBN number, so it it technically a book.


Amazon and one or two other Natural History booksellers still list it on their websites. At the risk of sending my "Amazon Bestsellers Rating" further into decline, it is possible to downlod PDF copies of this and my 2007/2008 National Stag Beetle survey report direct from PTES.





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