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Hi everyone, from Michigan


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Hi everyone :)


I am a member of many other sites, like plantswap, unusualplants, bananas quarterly, arachnoboards, mantidforum, roachforum, and I have my own website about tillandsia air plants (under construction)



bonsai, raising exotic animals and plants, fish keeping, coin collecting, anime/manga, cats, and a few other things.


So far beetle wise I only have a colony of Eleodes (From bugsincyberspace :D) and I am starting superworms (not for feeders, I just want to raise them ;))


I do have tarantulas though, a mom A. avic, a baby G. rosea, and a adult G. rosea. I am looking to expand my collection with maybe some Euathlus and others :) And a emperor scorpion


I then have a brackish figure eight pufferfish and some bee gobies. Another tank has a dwarf pufferfish. Then a tank with a firebellied newt. Another one with 12 year old armored catfish. Another with guppy and cory catfish.


Then I have my two 9 year old cats.


I also collect and raise exotic plants. I have two Bowiea volubilis and things like pachypodiums, adeniums, jades, dragon fruit, cycads, passiflora, and coffee plants.


I am also getting into Linux and general computer stuff. I built a computer and I have many others. All with linux ;)


Thanks all, and hope to meet some new people :D

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Welcome! I am typing next to a moderately large banana plant I've had for a year or two. I have to say bananas are the worst houseplants in the world. They drip out the leaves and ruin everything within five feet of them them and grow until they fall over. It's still here though :) .

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