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lady beetles


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planted milkweed this year to increase the butterfly population here and got quite a show from the lady beetles.. enjoy :)


pupating out


some cool pics of them eating on aphids "about the extent of macro my crappy little camera can take :)



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Nice pictures! My camera won't even focus on things that small :(


I released a bunch of lady beetles this years in hopes they would stick around and keep the aphids down. I haven't seen any sense....

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I set up my blacklight and sheet in the backyard last night, with a friend. We pulled in at least four species of lady(bug) beetles, including the painted Lady beetle:




Vibrant yellow aphids! I've only ever seen those in Mexico and the lady beetles were all over them there too.


Nice life cycle shots too. I'm continually surprised when people don't associate the larvae with the adult beetles, thinking that small lady beetles are young and large ones are older, or that the number of spots represents their age, etc.

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