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Greetings from the Center of the USA


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Hi everyone! I am an Entomo-culturist in Omaha Nebraska and have about 4 years experience with exotic and native beetles, mantids, phasmids, and a long list of other Arthropods. But I am here for advice and to maybe offer some new ideas to the rest of the group.

A list of the coleoptera I have worked with includes (* denotes species that have bred in captivity, ? denotes that I do not know which species I am currently working with that are Wild Collected larva)...


Lucanus capreolis?


Lucanus elaphus?


Phalocrognathus mulleri*


Eleodes sp.*


Asbolus verrucosus*


Chalcosoma atlas*


Pachnoda sinuata flaviventris*


Pachnoda marginata peregrina*


Chrysina gloriosa*


Chrysina beyeri*


Dynastes tytius*


Dynastes granti


Strategus aloeus*


Thermonectus marmoratus*


Calosoma scrutator


Cicindela sexguttata*


Cicindela circumpicta*


Cicindela nevadica*


Sagra buqueti


Thanks for letting me be part of the Coleopteran Community!



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A warm welcome to you Tony, P. mulleri are really neat indeed, how did you do with them as far as size? Although I am yet to try this species all the ones that I've seen bred in captivity come out small.


I acquired a pair early in my career and got them to lay 100+ eggs that all hatched into larva but didn't find out until it was too late that they are HIGHLY cannibalistic. I ended up with 2 larva that pupated and eclosed, One was a nice looking female and the other a good looking mid-sized male.

If anyone is working with them I would suggest that you separate the larva immediately and use a protein supplement on the larva (Dog food) to get them to achieve maximum size.

Breeder set up the same as a Lucanus medium-soft decay wood mat ground very fine and a few pieces of medium-soft decay logs buried in the 10 gallon tank so the tops just break the surface of the wood mat.

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