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Hello is this 10cm giant ever been available ???

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Yes Goliathus orientalis orientalis

Thanks for the quick reply

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Thanks for the info

So I have been out of the hobby for a while I'm hoping to do breeding project with the

Goo but I guess not ???

So what to do ??

In Theory well how to collect Goo

If high up on tree

Any suggestions would be awesome !! Some kind of light to attractive it

Other words a different💡

Things like to try to feed larvae L1 to L3 of 130 day

I heard this kind of flower beetle can eat all kind of things

HERE IS THE MAGIC Lst ( if I can somehow obtain them )

Tosted grasshopper meatballs ( species from Mexico )

Koi fish roe & mullet fish roe & salmon fish roe & tuna fish roe

spidercaviar ( spider eggs ) specie undecided

Helix Pomatia eggs & Helix aspersa eggs

Real honey real honey ! real honey !! real honey !!!   Please

More to come

Zizania texana ( fermentation grass for flavoring )

project cancelled


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