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Does anyone helps me to catch wild Dynastes granti in Arizona?

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Hi, I'm Japanese and live in Vancouver now.

I have plans to go to Arizona to catch Dynastes granti during the end of July and beginning of August. I just know Dynastes granti lives in Arizona but I can't know about it more than that.

So, can anyone give me more information on Dynastes granti or help me collect it?

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Timing is very important. If you go too early or too late, you won't see any at all. If you go at the right time, at the right place and it's a good season, you could see 50 or more in a night. The best that I have experienced is the last week of August and 1st week of September in Payson, AZ. Payson is a pretty well known area for D grantii. Of course, each year is different and sometimes it comes a little early or late but I have consistently seen them during that time period. Other collectors may have different opinions on this time period.

I think if you go end of July, early August, it will be difficult. You may see one but your odds are low. However, that is an excellent time for other beetles in Arizona.

Where do you plan on going? Are you going to bring light equipment or do you plan to check out gas station lights, etc?

Good luck! Arizona is an awesome place to collect. The diversity is amazing.

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Hay Garin.

Thanks for providing very detailed information. After I listen to you and change my plans to stay in PAYSON for a few days in the first week of September. I can't provide any specific equipment, but I would like to forage around the petrol stations. If you have any more information about D granti in Payson, I would be grateful if you could share it with me.

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Anywhere you see bright lights, drive by and check it out. It's better when the moon is small or has not risen yet, so check the moon phases for that time period. Also, and I know this is hard to know but the warmer the night the better. So if have some flexibility, check the weather forecast and choose the warmest day of the week. If it rains, it won't be good, so try to avoid a rainy night.

A few known good spots are the Home Depot and the gas station next to Home Depot. There is a circle K in Star Valley that can be good , so definitely check that out as well.

34.2671741205876, -111.32396400362377

34.254534006887226, -111.26304592821927

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