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  1. Trustworthy seller, thank you!

  2. They were sold to me as L2 and I don't think they have molted yet but it might be possible.
  3. Checking to see if anyone can tell the genders of my grubs. They may be too young since they're l2 but I wanted to see what everyone thinks. Thank you!
  4. There might be some dirt stuck to the spot but there's definitely a bump there, is it a concern if it is an injury? Do they heal?
  5. I've been watching this dark bump get larger on this larva. Has anyone seen this before? It seems to be fully attached, but I haven't tried to remove it or anything. Maybe the substrate got stuck under the skin?
  6. Hi, I just started here and I'm raising a few Dynastes Tityus larvae. I look forward to learning more about them and hearing any tips you guys have.
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