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  1. Yeah my fingers are crossed that eventually they will turn bright yellow. Regardless they're beautiful beetles but I'm really hoping that I got some from a yellow stock! Thanks! Yeah I had them in my egg laying container at first and they seemed to just bury themselves Thanks @Dynastes, in a wild stroke of luck I found a wine cooler this past weekend at a thrift store so I set this to 55 and put the Beetles into separate 8oz containers with damp oak flake sub. Is there a minimum amount of time they need to diapause before egg laying?
  2. Hi all, This is my first time breeding beetles, so I'm still learning. Earlier this year I had a Chrysina gloriosa get apparently eaten by mites after it emerged. So I saw a ton of mites in my D.tityus pupal chamber containers and it looked like they had emerged in the chambers so I took them out so that they wouldn't get eaten by mites. I partially buried them in another tub with some old substrate and sprayed it a little. They were already hard but still dark brown. Should I wait till they turn yellow then put them in the fridge for diapause? Also do I need to feed them/offer water at this point or are they just gonna chill? They're moving around a little but mostly just sitting. @Nathan I saw you had some good advice with this species in some other posts, any words of wisdom? Others welcome to answer as well Best regards, Joe
  3. Thank you so much! Really appreciate all the advice
  4. Thanks! I was able to find a sprig of juniper to throw in their enclosure with them which I wrapped in wet paper towels to try and keep green. is there a good way to sex the adults? Also any depth requirement in sub for egg laying?? Lastly longevity on adults?
  5. @Goliathussorry to keep poking you with questions-- I just had my first two glorious emerge!! My first beetles ever and they look great!! Do they eat anything besides juniper and should I put something wet with them so they can drink??
  6. @Goliathus When these finish pupating will they climb out of the soil on their own or should/could I dig them out? I looked in and it seems like at least one emerged from it's pupal cell, the others I don't have a window in to see though :c
  7. @Bugoodle As far as I know there are really only three foreign species that are generally legal to own in the us (apart from ground + dung beetles) which are all Goliath beetles. (Also love stumbling across your posts seems like lots of adventures going on-- and have appreciated reading about all your named beetles lol)
  8. That makes sense, it's hard to know where the line is sometimes.. I feel like once it's begun the fermentation process who knows what sort of regional microorganisms might have colonized it. I know that's a bit of a stretch and not APHIS primary concern but the laws surrounding all that stuff I think are intentionally vague to cover more situations.
  9. Bugs in cyberspace sells flake soil in the US I'm pretty sure any interstate soil transport is illegal so I have no idea how BIC gets around that (I'm guessing it's not enforced domestically, or maybe autoclaved) I'm also almost 100% sure that international soil import from anywhere would be very enforced and probably include quite a costly fine. This is to prevent the spread of non native organisms
  10. ALSO: omg! I just checked and it looks like I already have one forming a pupal cell-- I think the pressure was a winner for sure (The picture didn't come out well so I upped the exposure to show the soil discoloration around it)
  11. Thanks for sharing your set-up! Do you have any ventilation holes in these at all? Also, love that you've got it down to 5oz cups, I thought I was pushing it with 16oz!
  12. @Goliathus, not super related but my D.tityus also do not have substrate to the top of their container- should these be packed too?
  13. I didn't find any Geotrupidae but I did end up getting quite a few Onthophagus orpheus (Green bronze dung beetle). I took some home and put some of my poop in a deli cup with them. It's all been buried so I'm gonna check for brood balls Thursday or Friday 😅 Thanks for the tip, I might take you up on that 😉💩📬
  14. I've just filled them to the top! Hopefully in the next few weeks I start seeing some pupal cells
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