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Goodbye world


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Hello beetles & beyond here if you're reading this I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything I really messed up and now that's coming back to haunt me I should have managed the money better I'm currently homeless and recently lost my job  done with life my bank account and my PayPal are both in the negatives i can't afford to pay my medical bills or apply for a lone do to my new credit score for all who got scammed if I end up not killing myself or in a better place where I can send your stuff I will try to do that it's been a long path on my invertebrate journey I'm sorry for my foolish decisions thank you I will now go to the place I belong hell of course goodbye




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Listen man, if you had the intent to sell beetles on here the least you could have done is sent the people what they ordered right after purchasing. Could have avoided all of this if that was the case. 

The quote of killing yourself...nothing in life should be that bad to commit harm to yourself. PLEASE seek help, there are many people who care for you. You WILL get back on your feet one day and when that time comes you can make it right to everyone. Please message me on Instagram if you really need somebody to talk to because ill be there. 

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On 4/2/2022 at 1:52 PM, everthing-beetles said:

. . . if I end up not killing myself . . .

Hey everthing-beetles,

I don't know anything about what's going on but I thought I'd write.

I've had way too many people I know kill themselves.  Don't do it . . .

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. 

One of the only constants in life is change. 

I've been through some terrible things, but my life has changed to so much positivity.  Just get through this day by day, or hour by hour if it's needed.

Good Luck and stay strong!  PM me if you'd like to chat!

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