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D. H. H spontaneously died.

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I haven't t checked on them since the 25th of February and today two males have regressed from 50g-19g/dead.

There is no sign of black spot disease nor mites and i use the same substrate as i did here on all other species i own, including 2 separate subspecies of hercules which are all healthy and gaining weight.

It is noteworthy that this is both after a substrate/tub size change from 6L to 12L.

Additionally one other D. H. H has been an L2 for almost 6 months at a steady 9g, i have one L3 male and female left but there are no signs of them going downhil other than the female dropping 2g and the male dropping 4g.

These grubs were purchased from the spidershop and o have no information on genetics. 


I believe this is due to poor genetics;IMG_20220326_200522.thumb.jpg.474c699a1283f77e23a24977c1a6dc0b.jpgIMG_20220326_200531.thumb.jpg.b61d5fa84a9d8b9786a587ef448db81c.jpg Thoughts? 

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I've heard that for some years now, many hobbyists around the world have experienced this problem with various species of Dynastinae, including D. hercules and large Megasoma spp. such as actaeon, mars and elaphas.  The developmental issue typically starts in late L2 / early L3.  It's suspected by some to be the result of the fact that many stocks of these species have now been inbred in captivity for many generations.  While it's undoubtedly true that some stocks have been seriously inbred, whether this is indeed the reason for the developmental issues, I really have no idea.  Certainly, there are many insect species (including various beetles) that do not appear to suffer from inbreeding related problems at all, even after decades.  Perhaps there are just some species that are prone to such issues, and others that aren't.

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well, they had an adult pair for sale around the same time aswell, and they looked "weak" if that makes any shred of sense, which is why I am leaning towards this being the issue, its also something you are told by every member of the hobby, that sometimes the genes are just weak if the breeder isn't as responsible with inbreeding, and you should always check the parents and their generation. I just got exited seeing D.H.H for sale. :c

Its just a shock when a species you are really exited about drops dead after growing so well.

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