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how to release eastern hercules beetle


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I found a larva that I'm pretty sure is eastern hercules beetle larva. I cannot replace the larva as the area was dug up for construction. Can I raise the larva and release the beetle? Will it be able to survive in the wild? Apologies if this is the wrong topic.

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On 2/1/2022 at 7:00 PM, amy said:

Thank you. I purchased The Complete Guide to Rearing the Eastern Hercules Beetle. Are there any other books you would recommend?

I think that should provide you the most repeatable method to rear the larva to maturity successfully. You can find a ton of extra information on the web and various materials for sale but nothing extra should be necessary to rear it and release it. 

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thank you again. I collected some of the wood the larva was feeding on and mixed it with some of the earth the larva was in, will that be sufficient to feed it enough to release it into the wild? Or should I acquire some flake soil? My goal is to minimize the impact i have on the beetle before it's release. If It helps ,the larva looks to be L2 or L3 I think.

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