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Gnorimella maculosa breeding

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50 minutes ago, BeetlebreederGermany said:

Good evening,

I wanted to ask if someone here has experience in rearing or breeding Gnorimella maculosa.

It seems like that species isn’t in breeding and I couldn’t find data regarding breeding online.


Best Regards,


I haven't kept Gnorimella maculosa, but have bred Trichiotinus texanus, and found this species to be very easy.  I hope to try breeding Trigonopeltastes delta soon.

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On 4/19/2021 at 3:40 AM, BeetlebreederGermany said:

Hello @Goliathus,

would you mind sharing how you bred this species? I would love to know! Also I would like to hear how your Trigonopeltastes breeding goes on, if you can start it.



It was perhaps 15 years ago, but I recall that Trichiotinus texanus were very easy to breed.  They oviposited readily in composted leaf litter.  In fact, they even laid eggs in a bare container!  Rearing was essentially the same as for many other Cetoniinae, and the larvae grew very quickly.  There are several other species of Trichiotinus in my area, including a metallic green one (possibly lunulatus?) that I see much less frequently than texanus.

Have you ever kept any species of Gnorimus, such as G. nobilis? - 


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