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Generators and light trapping materials

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I know there were many posts like this in the past but just trying to make things clear. What is the cheapest 900watt generator that you can buy? I also need some MV bulbs, converter, stick lamp, and a blacklight. Can you give me some recommndations which I should use? If you are going to put links, Amazon links would be helpful. 

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When I was looking a generators, I had one picked out, 200 bucks or so, but after reading reviews, passed and spent more on something more reliable,

quieter, and more powerful, which makes it more useful as well. You can get a good machine for 400 bucks or so, but then there are little extras that add up,

things you'll probably want. Entomology can be as cheap or expensive as you make it.

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Try Ebay, or the ubiquitous  Amazon, that's where I found my machine, and there are plenty of reviews you can read to help make a decision.

This might not be the best time to be looking for a generator though.

I bought mine after our power was out for a few days because of wildfires, whatever the reason, it's an investment, and now I have one I can

carry and take out in the field if I want. Batteries are fine, but they need recharging, even my car battery sized Goal Zero dies after 2 nights,

I like to run the light all night though, it's always a surprise to see what flew in after 2 am.

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I spent 425$, I had a 200 dollar one that sounded ok picked out, and it had fair reviews, but I changed my mind, all it took was a need for a generator at

home to make the decision for me. A few nights without movies and eating freeze dried food. Camping out in your house, is not the same as out in the woods.

You can definitely get a generator to run a light for under 300, or you could before all the wildfires, and power outages.

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I have no idea how to make a link. Apparently it's easier than I think, and that's probably the problem.

Anyway, I bought a Wen 2000 watt from Amazon, I like it, it weighs 37 pounds or so, a handle,  several outlets, 

and is quiet, I have a decibel meter I originally bought to keep the neighbor's vacation rental noise under

control, but the generator, while the sound is steady, is quiet, I know people that can talk louder. Shipping took

a while, and it's probably something you'd want to be home to receive. Honda is supposed to be quieter, but that

brand name will cost you another 400 bucks or more.

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