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M. sleeperi

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this interests me, didn't you get a care sheet? I emailed Peter a while back asking about this species and never got a reply.

A little disappointing. 

Asking the guy who actually raises them would seem logical, if you can get an answer..

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I have been breeding M sleeperi for about 6 years now and I find them very straight forward. Room temperature and flake soil and they do fine. Some will take 1 year to become adults and others will take 2 years. I have them in the exact same conditions so not sure what makes the difference. So seeing nothing happen for long periods is normal for the 2 year grubs. As far as losing weight, I'm not really sure why that is happening. I never weigh any of my grubs so I'm not sure if mine do that as well. 

I do occasionally have grubs die and I'm not sure what the cause is. But 90% are fine and become healthy adults and reproduce easily. I really don't think Peter would have an answer on why because there is nothing special about them. Goliathus can chime in with his opinion since I know he has bred them for a few years as well.


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