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will my stag ever pupate lol


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so for the past few weeks i had been under the impression that my elaphus (?) larva would begin to get itself ready to pupate. its recently been very lethargic and sleepy and a little yellow and seems to have made a chamber at the bottom of the substrate(i can peek in from the bottom of the container) so it seemed legit! now it's as lively as it's ever been wiggling around and such? it's a bit nervewracking, as im unsure if it's alright but i guess im just confused. how will i be sure it will pupate and how long does the process take? i recieved him as a l2 ish larva in feb:]  seeking sum advice 

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If it has stayed in that spot for a while, then it is most likely getting ready to pupate. All my lucanus elaphus larvae have been chilling in their chamber for more than 2 months now, so you are not alone. 

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Beetles can take a long time, especially compared to the moths and butterflies I'm used to rearing.

I check my elephus once a month, carefully removing substrate until the grub is visible, I give them a couple

koi pellets I use for my goliatus, and cover them back up. One day, they'll do something new. I have one

adult female that was older than the other grubs when I purchased them, lately she's been making short appearances

and eating. Patience and more patience seems to be the trick.

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