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Goliathus goliatus L2


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My Goliath grub, growing quickly and nicely. Eating koi pellets , kept in coconut substrate.

It's been exciting to have this animal, it'll be more so as an adult.


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3 hours ago, Bug slayer said:

Nice good luck on raising it to adulthood 

Well, it did come with instructions.👾 No assembly required...batteries not included.

Thank you.

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2 hours ago, scottbot84 said:

It's a recommended method of feeding them, quality pellets are much higher in protein and lower in fat than dog food.

I've read one article where the breeder uses fish flakes, and soft pellet treats for cats or dogs, I looked at them , but couldn't decide on a flavor..

When I purchased the grub, from Bugsincyberspace, there is/was a list of the recommended foods, substrate and pupation earth, I went with

the entire list. It ended up costing around 130.00 for everything including the grub. I have koi pellets for a long time now- 3lbs, the coconut substrate can be 

cleaned and reused, and I assume so can the Georgia red clay for pupation. He/she munches the pellets right up. Someday, in the future, I hope to post

a pic of the adult.

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