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Beetle Grub ID


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that is Strategus not sure which but mainly Strategus Aloeus or Strategus Antaeus. Good luck on raising them their awsome to raise as adults their long lived some of mine have lived over a year and are still feeding and moving around so i'm doing something right.

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I've never bothered to try and raise terrestrial beetle larvae like this...either of you have a link to care procedures for this particular grub that you think are the way to go?

the beetle experience?


you can have them in composted vegitation and keep them in damp soil not wet. And feed them rotton leaves and rotton wood with 5 inches deep of soil keep them like that and they should live and when their adults feed them beetle jelly or apple slices some of my adults have lived for more than a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)

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It looks like Dynastes tityus larva. Strategus sp. larvae have very bright orange head while Dynastes tityus larvae have darker head (However, Strategus antaeus seems to have black head so if you found this larva in the sand then it is probably S. antaeus). I can post some pictures if you want.

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