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  1. Full-time Terrestrial Inverts keeper https://www.aza.org/jobs?job=16087 Advanced hobbyists looking for a job are also encouraged to apply!
  2. I've heard from several people that have mentioned successfully raising the grubs on hardwoods, especially sycamore. I heard it was an extensive larval period - I want to say 9-12 months but it could have been longer.
  3. Just sifted through the substrate for the first time and thought I'd share a couple photos... First, check out the fiery orange pearl effect on this one at certain angles. Another individual (shown) has it slightly, but not like this one. Eggs and grubs Grubs so far...
  4. Found a couple of these guys a few weeks ago and have been obsessing ever since. After 1000+ thistle plants, I finally got enough yesterday for a reasonable colony attempt. The other one is Euphoria sepulcralis.
  5. Maybe this is common knowledge to some of you, but my Pasimachus californicus REALLY like fruit. They have constant access to water. I had never thought to offer it to them before.
  6. Nope, I only have one of each. I'll see how well the adults do first.
  7. Should be spelled "Zopherus", my bad. I Don't see how to edit it at this point. Yes, I'm keeping this species and Z. gracilis.
  8. Finally got around to getting photos of other two species in that tank. Calosoma marginale (right) Calosoma sayi (right). This species seems much shyer than the rest, and is rarely out in daylight.
  9. Very cool! Sure hope to have some Lucanus and Dynastes show up at my light...
  10. Nope, collected it myself last night. If I do come across more, I'll see if I can coax some egg deposition.
  11. It's funny, because on my camera screen (iphone) the externum look decidedly blue. I was getting frustrated trying to rectify that with the settings and was ready to explain in the post how they are actually a neon purple color. But I guess the camera knows what its doing. Yes, those are blackberries, but they're also eating strawberries and cherries.
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