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Probably the rarest species in my collection of beetle specimens - Rosenbergia xenium, a large and impressive Longhorn (cerambycid) from Papua New Guinea - 


Would like to have a specimen of Rosenbergia gilmouri as well, but there's probably little chance of that, considering the rarity (and price) - 


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Though they're not nearly as large as their relatives in the tropics, we do have some very beautiful longhorn beetles in the US, including - 

Plectrodera scalator

Plinthocoelium suaveolens

Crioprosopus rimosus

Megapurpuricenus magnificus

Desmocerus palliatus

Rosalia funebris

Trachyderes mandibularis

- to name a few.

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I'm a bit too far east for Trachyderes (=Dendrobius) mandibularis, though I saw a couple of them in AZ years ago.  Yes, it's a very unusual looking longhorn; very glossy - they look like they're made of colored glass!

Another great longhorn is Sphingnotus mirabilis, from New Guinea - 


When a species has the name "mirabilis" (amazing, wondrous, remarkable), you know it must be something special!

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