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Pelidnota punctata Help!

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I was getting oak wood from a stump when Pelidnota punctata suddenly came out of the ground. Previously the were Odontotaenius disjunctus, Euphoria inda, and now Pelidnota punctata. I knew to be careful and throughout collecting wood, I found 2 adults. I was about to leave, but then I saw movement, I then dug with my fingers to find another adult! When I looked carefully at it, it was injured by me! :( One of Its legs was gone, another leg didn't move around very much. And some reproductive parts were outside. I jumped into action to try to save the beetle the best I could. I remembered seeing a video where someone used glue to save a tarantula abdomen. So I got some super glue, and glued the part where his missing leg was so he didn't bleed anymore. Now I have him under my watch and as soon as he gets better I will release him. Should I do anything else? Should I have used some other glue. Do you think he will survive? Am I over reacting? IDK?

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Since reproductive organs came out, there's nothing you can do but allow him to rest out his final moments in peace. Super glue is also toxic. I've seen videos of this person who would help damaged butterflies, this person would collect dead wings and use them to repair to missing/damaged wings on live butterflies. I think it could be some type of taxidermy glue, I don't remember.

They can live without a leg though. Don't feel bad though, accidents happen,  everyone steps on bugs, including pet bugs that have escaped their enclosure. I accidently killed my carrion beetle earlier this year. She was very old and fragile, I didn't see her under the rock cave and accidently hit her when moving it. I almost cried.

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