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Tips and care for Lucanus elaphus!

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Does anyone have tips on care for Lucanus elaphus or care for Lucanus elaphus. I would like to know because I am a noob.

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What part of their care are you most concerned about? Most people will not be eager to type out an entire in depth guide as a thread reply.

For the most part, they just need flake soil or white rotten wood or moderately decayed wood. The soil should be moist, but not enough to squeeze out any water at all, err on the side of dryness. You could probably get away with having them grow all the way to an adult in a 32 oz deli container or equivalent, packed with quality flake soil or white rot wood and with pin sized holes on the side or top of the container, if getting a major male or if breeding is not a concern.


There are too many things for someone to type up for just a thread reply about this, like do you need to know how to make flake soil? How to breed the beetles? How to maximize their size? How long they live? How large they get?

Each question could have an entire thread to it, and comprehensive information on all aspects of it could really only be found on a dedicated website or book (like what Goliathus recommended).

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