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Local Eleodes sp. development

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These were collected in their larval state inside of a piece of decomposed hardwood.

Sample of wood.



Pupal cell inside



Inside pupal cell






A couple of hours after eclosion



A couple of days after eclosion



6 days after eclosion it's out and about.

Notice the little dimple on the left elytron? Might have bumped it whilst the exo was still fresh.



It's darkened completely by now :), and that bump does not seem to affect mobility in any way.


It looks like three of them have eclosed, and there are two more in pupal state.


I've also got 1'st, second and third instar larvae from two different females of the same genus (likely the same species) that were collected from the same locality.


These are being kept in a mixture of flake soil, manure and top soil.


Gotta love these little beetles :)

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Very cool!


I've got some developing larvae now from E. fusiformis, tricostata, hispilabris...and a 4th, unidentified species. Very easy to keep and they breed constantly.


Glad to see some other darkling keepers! These things are fantastic captive insects - almost always busy.

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