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Hi from Michigan

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Being browsing this forum for a while so I thought I would introduce myself :)

I currently live in Michigan and will be going to U of M this fall. I have been into bugs since I am four, and I work with an entomology professor at MSU over the summer (bark beetles). You can check out my website www.ofbugsandart.com for my collection (quite a few hundreds of beetles if I'd say so myself, a lot of them from bark beetle funnel traps, and the specimens would have been discarded if not taken and pinned by me). I have published one new species of bark beetle last summer (Immanus virago) with the help of the MSU professor I work with and will be working with some other wood boring beetles this May. I grew up in China (until 14), so I had experiences with Dorcus titanus and D.hercules and many many more (over a dozen stag species, 5 or so rhino species), and I am looking to get into the hobby here. Please offer any tips etc about local species as well as collecting.

Hope to see you all!


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19 minutes ago, Arthroverts said:

Welcome to the forums @JunkaiWangisme! May you find all that you seek here.

Pardon my current ignorance on the subject, but when you say you published a new species, that means you scientifically described it, correct?



Yeah :). 

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