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  1. You should check out how they have to reproduce as well. It's pretty interesting
  2. I want to add my 2 cents being a mushroom enthusiest and having just scoured internationak forums looking for kinshi specific recipes. Generally when colonizing mason jars for fruiting itself, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a month to fully colonize the outside, however I generally let it go at least one more week to make sure the inside of which i cannot see is also fully colonized. Also for kinshi in japan they use additives to make their mycelial masses specific for larvae consumption quality. They will add; wheat bran, glutamic acid, calcium, chitonase, soy protein isolate etc
  3. It is likely brown rot if brown. I found a NCBI article someone did on testing the best hardwood density. The consensus was the best wood logs just dent with a hammer. If the hammer goes right through it is too soft, and if the hammer bounces off like nothing that it is too hard.
  4. I thought I remember ox beetles liking any type of compody and leaf litter. And the other kind of strategus liking a sand blend
  5. Hot damn! How long is their life as imagos? Live roots could perhaps be mimicked? Something similar to mung bean saplings?
  6. Has anyone had any experience rearing the 10 lined june beetle? If so does anyone have any tips on catching them?
  7. Im using an entire 20 pounds of traeger pellets plus the remnants of a previous bag. 3 poinds of oat bran. An active dry yeast packet. And water. Its in a very large lockable container. It is placed in front of a window that gets direct sunlight. But often its about 75F. It likely isnt getting enough oxygen exchange or heat given what was just said
  8. I have some oak pellets being fermented. But it isnt seeming to work. Hasnt gotten warm at all. Im using a completely sealed tub to keep gnats out. Should I drill breathing holes?
  9. Ive ordered from Peter multiple times before. But the price is quite high. I wonder rather if there is any bulk compost or such that can be orderded that isnt marketed for beetles per say.
  10. The fermentation of oak is quite a long process. Being from oregon all I can do for heat is keep my house hot. But this can only go so high before I become miserably toasted. I've collected white rot wood, but thats only good for stags. I do wonder if there is a brand online that sells some kind of compost that would be perfect
  11. The perlite won't kill them?
  12. This is a great place to learn, welcome
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