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D tityus emerged!


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These are my first captive bred generation of any beetle, and the spawn of the first adult beetles I've had since I got into this hobby. I completely failed counting and oversold from my culture, which left me with only 4 larvae, so having 3 of them emerge including members of both sexes has been a great relief. Now it's just a waiting game for #4 to pupate. Knowing that I took care of and bred these specimens' parents and raised them from eggs entirely on sub I fermented myself is pretty cool, especially considering some of the fairly terrible experiences I had with losses




It was actually 2 females and 1 male that emerged, but I didn't get a picture of the second female, and the first picture of the male was too good to not post. 

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Congratulations – this is great news and I totally get your feeling of satisfaction and happiness over this success. It's one reason I so often tell friends to consider keeping inverts. People have a hard time believing "bugs" could give them such a cool experience. Thanks also for sharing these great pictures

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