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Stag Beetles + Rhino Beetles in Northern California

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Rocky mountain has great numbers of Lucanid beetles, but... nothing large if I remember correctly. I don't recall Lucanus spp. occurs in California, does it? Or anything large like Dynastes, Megasoma, or Strategus?

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Haven't had much luck with finding any sort of large beetles on the trips I've taken to the coast, as there aren't many interesting beetle species in California to begin with. Although you might be able to find some various June beetles(and maybe some fig beetles if you are lucky!) during the summer months! I know there are also a good lot of darkling beetles here but they tend to live closer to the desert.

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I lived in central coastal California for years. Trichocnemis (Ergates) spiculatus were enormous. Prionus californicus were big, too. Have to check lights or set up black lights for these creatures. Pine forests to oak forests in the mountains, summertime. Also check for Rosalia funebris, the banded alder borer, they come to freshly painted buildings in the daytime in foothill areas all over California, north to south. Look at records on iNaturalist, bugguide.net, whatsthatbug.com, etc. You can glean a LOT of specific locales on these sites, you can also delimit records to geographic areas (your nearby region) on some of these sites.



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