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Wheel bug care


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Sooo, I have a few wheel bugs (one I caught, and two more I got from my friend) but I’m having trouble finding anything on caring for them (although I read that eggs are apparently hard to keep alive). So does anyone have any advice on care for these? I’m mainly looking for nymph care, as I know my adults will die soon after laying eggs (I’ve already got some eggs from one of the females) but I’m not sure how to keep the eggs and nymphs. Thanks in advance!

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From what I found they like to be kept like other assassin bugs in many ways. Keep slightly moist. They will readily mate in captivity.

The problem comes with the eggs. I got mine last time too late to get eggs. But from the research I did it sounded like they may need a cold dormancy period. I was going to put some in the fridge and some out of the fridge to test this. 

Mine were also too far in the life cycle to test foods. The previous ones I had as a kid liked pretty much whatever I gave them.

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