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Possible stag larvae?

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Hey everyone- I visited a wooded area near my house today and found two larvae of what I think are stags larvae. Ive never kept stags before or their larva. I need some info- what are they (stags or something else?) and what instar are they? I'm guessing it's too hard to identify species from pics and location alone. I live in AR and they were found in a rotting fallen tree that if I had to guess what kind of tree I'd guess oak? (Maybe sweet gum?) How long until pupation?


Pics: (sorry for dirty fingernails lol.)





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I must admit I’m a little bummed out that they weren’t stags, but I do love grapevine beetles- I’ve seen only one adult before, it was my first beetle and I mistook it for a female d. Tityus. (They look nothing alike I know lol.) That beetle is what got me interested in beetles to start with. Makes me very happy, thanks!

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Haha yeah def a grapevine. For future reference, stag larvae have a vertical...... slit? For lack of a better term, let’s just call it that. This is not he case in, pretty much any other family. Thus an instant identifier.

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