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Megasoma Sleeperi Larvae


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Very hard to say from photos. Your best bet would be to measure their head capsules with digital calipers and keep track. Head capsule sizes only change at a molt, so it will be evident when an instar change occurs.

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How many mm is the head capsule? I have some that are definitely L2, so later this weekend I'll measure the head capsule and let you know the size. I also have some that are L3 so I'll measure those as well.

I don't have any L1's so not sure what that size is but obviously if we know L2 then we know anything smaller is L1, haha.

Of course very difficult to tell from a picture because there is nothing for scale.

Since they are at least 3 months old, I would think they have to be L2 by now. (you had them over 2 months and Peter had them around a month).

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I did some quick measurements. Not easy to do without feeling like you are really bothering them.

L3 looks like about 8mm.

L2 about 5mm.

I don't have any L1's left, so I'm guesing about 2-3 mm, very small.

So if you measure the head capsule and its about 5 mm, it's most likely L2.

Goliathus is very meticulous in his observations so maybe he has some measurements as well.

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