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  1. Is there a way to tell if a stag larvae is elaphus or capreolus? thanks.
  2. If I buy from a foreign seller like Titan Monster Beetles, can I import a native species like D tityus without trouble?
  3. My largest Megasoma Sleeperi larvae has recently emerged at the top of the substrate two times. I inspected his substrate and it is clogged with feces. Could I mix in some sort of soil to reduce the percentage of feces, or do I have to get new substrate?
  4. I know the importation of exotic beetle species is illegal, but could I import a native species (Dynastes or Lucanus) from a seller outside of the US with a reduced amount of permits?
  5. I absolutely hate it and why why why did you guys remove the old one? Sorry. I got a little frustrated when I saw the new version. I thought it was Mantidforum for a second.
  6. Does anyone know what happens if customs seizes your imported beetles? I was just wondering? Do you get a fee or do they just I N C I N E R A T E them? (Im not going to illegally import beetles, Im filling out a permit)
  7. My Sleeperi Larvae seems to have almost doubled in size. His head capsule is now about the same diameter as his body. It was originally around half the diameter of his body. Are these definitive signs of a molt? All my info seems to say it is.
  8. My Megasoma Sleeperi Larvae! Anyone know if they have reached 2nd instar yet?
  9. When I said like the d Hercules breeders I mean the videos I watch on yt of breeders checking on their beetles.I have m Sleeperi
  10. Hey guys, I havent logged on in a while but Im back! Does anyone here dump out the substrate and check on the larvae like the big d Hercules breeders? Thanks
  11. That happened to me two times, but peter cleared it up for me...I don’t know why it happens?
  12. Welcome! Sadly, both you and I cannot find the big Asian species because of the laws... I love TinTin though!
  13. Ok, so I have my Sleeperi Larvae and all five have dug down to the bottom of the containers already. Is anything going on or is this normal?
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