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P. Giraffa Questions

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Alright, so this might sound crazy, but I'm planning a beetle wrestling league like the ones you see on YouTube from Japan. I'm planning to first include d. Tityus, A. Dichotomous, and P. Giraffa. Recently I read a post that says the spikes on P.Girrafa's horns will kill others? Is this true? I don't want little kids wanting to have fun having a dead d.Tityus.

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Not sure but I wouldn't doubt it, the two inner horns look like they could crush an enemy. It doesn't seem fair to put a D.tityus against a beast like that.

true. dichotomous and tityus does not have heavy armor

Alright. What would be the best matchups for a fair fight?

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I would say to simply put rhinoceros beetles against other species of rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles against other stag beetles, as stags generally do seem to be heavily armored compared to rhinos

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