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Glorious scarab emerged tonight :)


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Not the greatest photo from my phone but I was too excited to get the good photos off of my other camera. This is the first of my C. gloriosa to emerge! I knew it was on its way because the pupal cell was full of dirt, and a few hours later there it was sitting at the top of the container. I've got three more waiting to come up, one of which looks like it might have had an issue with its elytra, and one that may or may not have made it -- it was the first to build a pupal cell but the last to actually pupate, and it hasn't emerged as a beetle yet.

This little one, though, is perfect as can be. It was trying out its wings when I put it into a new container. :)


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Yay!! I have a few of these guys in their larval stages, what kind of substrate and temps did you have them in? Mine don't seem to be growing any.


100% hardwood sub from BugsInCyberspace, with a little bit of crushed leaves added. Room temp, although it's been getting hot down here in AZ so my room temp is probably higher than most. They did take AGES to pupate. The larvae sat around in their pupal cells for months, but when they finally got down to business they turned into beetles within a couple of weeks.

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What a perfect beautiful chrome-green critter! I love its cute little face and mouth parts. Do you know the sex?


I haven't the slightest idea! :)


The second one emerged, and it does indeed have screwed up elytra, so once they start mating I should be able to sex that one easily depending on whether its on top or bottom! Aside from not being able to fly (I think, it hasn't tried that I've seen), it seems fine. The other two have eclosed but haven't crawled out of their cells yet.

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