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    Amazon Rainforest, White Sands Monument New Mexico, Yellowstone National park, Wildflowers, Photography, Eleodes Hispilabris (and of course other BEETLES), and art/sketching.

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  1. Thank you, but so far I am thinking that the dobsonfly larvae seem to be needing less care than beetle larvae.
  2. Should I clean the aquarium once in a while, (more how should I clean it) ? The larvae are so small that I could easily kill them by accident...
  3. Yes, It was Corydalus cornutus. I found it near a blacklight, but I read that they live at most 7-10 days.
  4. Yeah, the funny thing was that the mother survived about 14 days...Actually,, I witnessed the larvae hatching.
  5. I just changed it to Eleodes_caudiferis
  6. I read that dobsonfly larvae are cannibalistic, and some beetle larvae are too. Is there any other way to prevent any cannibalistic action, besides feeding them well? They usually eat algae off the sides of my aquarium, so....
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