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Looks like dung, smells like dung

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Checked on all of my substrate buckets today and found one that was damper than the others. As I mixed the bucket, the substrate started to smell like dung. Closer to the bottom, the wood was pale. This part smelled the worst. I could compare the scent to canine excrements. Wish I could use it for some dung beetle reproduction haha. What could have happened?



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I became very familiar with that smell the first few times I tried to make substrate. It definitely got anaerobic--I suggest keeping things a little less wet if possible.


It takes a whole day for the smell to get off your hands...

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@Kevinswither, have you been mixing it? During storage over the winter, the substrate collapsed and the air holes were blocked so the substrate couldn't breathe. This could be why this happened.

I mixed it almost everyday. (Sometimes I wouldn't be able to, but a thorugh mixing should do the trick. It's now from 1 month and a half from white pure wood to brown soil like. Doesn't smell too much.

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