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Found 12 results

  1. We’re a community of insect keepers seeking to provide proper husbandry tips for all types of insects and other inverts!!! We offer a marketplace section, experienced keepers, a photography section, and an active and growing community. Join today! *GIVEAWAY CURRENTLY UK AND U.S* https://discord.gg/57xRbNDWRN
  2. Hello I live in Florida and recently found a dead Dynastes, I was wondering if anyone knows how to find live ones or set up traps for one!
  3. I've noticed that the Eastern Hercules Beetle (D. tityus) is talked about far more often than the Western Hercules Beetle (D. grantii) and is often much more available. Is this purely due to its captive longevity? I would've assumed the Grant's beetle would be more popular due to its length?
  5. how do i know when its time to pupa and can u break down the process? everything i read seems to be different. could be now.
  6. "A good portion of hobbyists got their first A. dichotoma because they ran into a vendor and could not resist the beetle's charm. In the beginning, they only bought a beetle or two without any long-term plans. But after bringing them home, they found out that these are absolutely fascinating creatures. Then they wanted to breed them. And that was the beginning of no ending." --Jonathan Ting Lai, For The Love Of Rhinoceros And Stag Beetles 3rd. Edition This quote always reminds me of how I got into the hobby.
  7. Hello. So my friend photographed this critter on a hike up Mt. Fuji in Japan. Any help identifying it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Checked on all of my substrate buckets today and found one that was damper than the others. As I mixed the bucket, the substrate started to smell like dung. Closer to the bottom, the wood was pale. This part smelled the worst. I could compare the scent to canine excrements. Wish I could use it for some dung beetle reproduction haha. What could have happened?
  9. Trying to figure out what he is exactly. My mother came running all the way down the street just to get me to catch it! Almost 30 mm long and he's a very pretty brown color!
  10. Just got back home from a 7 hour drive to and from northwestern Georgia. I was very excited to find some cool insects. It wasn't exactly a vacation though, so we didn't have a whole lot of free time to go out to some nice parks. As a new beetle enthusiast, my top priority was looking for adults and larvae, especially Dynastes tityus. There was a beautiful park very close to our hotel which is where I chose to search. I only had a few hours to look daily for the past three days, though. I was so happy to see loads of broad-leaved trees, something of a rarity in south Florida. I found quite a few old rotten logs and stumps and dug through them carefully, but I didn't find very much. I also searched tree cavities, the supposed hot spot for D. tityus. I didn't have the tools to dig through tougher parts of wood, unfortunately. I found a few earwigs and what appeared to be "molts," and various other insect parts, slugs, a toad, earthworms, and many tiny "mite" insects. The biggest excitement-killer was finding a long-dead female stag, or what appeared to be a stag, reminded me of some sort of Bess beetle, she was very shiny and black. Having found no adults or larvae, I collected loads of super rotten oak/beech wood and rotted hardwood leaves. It was only yesterday morning when a beetle was hovering low over the pavement and I quickly jumped to catch her. I'm convinced she's just a June beetle, but I put her in a container and gave her some nice dirt from an old stump and an old banana slice to munch on, which she loves! I did see other beetles flying about but they moved too quickly to be caught. Later that night, I also tried to look for adults near bright lights at gas stations and rest stops on the highway but to no avail. And that sums up my trip to Georgia.
  11. I wassearching for japanese rhino beetles (allomyrina dichotoma?) under logs in Maokong, Taiwan. Under a log I came across what looked liked a dung beetle eating a live caterpillar. I took it home and the beetle ate the entire caterpillar.I was unaware that dung beetles were carnivorous, so im not sure it is a dung beetle. heres a pic and youtube link. sorry about the lame music, my friend uploaded it. Beetle experts, please identify it. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMkLnbvilH8
  12. Hello everyone. I don't know if you remember me, but I caught 2 male Ox Beetles some weeks ago. Now, I found another beetle which I think it's a female Ox Beetle. I saw some pictures of females on the internet and really think it is a female, but I want you guys to confirm it for me. Here are some pictures:
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