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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, All. I have L3 Goliathus goliatus and, of course, my mind is occupied with preparing the proper substrate for the day they go a-wanderin' before cell prep. Karl Meier (http://www.naturalworlds.org/goliathus/manual/Goliathus_breeding_4.htm) has it 60% sand/ 40% peat; however, I know that some use red clay. I would be interested in others' formulae as I am developing mine.
  2. i recently purchased some japanese rhino beetles after eyeing them for years. ive done lots of research and consider myself well equipped to care for them. however, i have lots of questions about making kinshi and substrate for rhino beetles. the species i have (well i dont have them yet, theyre still in shipping) are Trypoxylus dichotomus and i havent been able to find too much information on making kinshi/substrate for them. i saw a video about creating fermented substrate from activated yeast and traeger wood pellets but im not sure if that would work for rhino beetles. i have substrate prepared for them, but in the future, id like to make my own substrate to save money and cater specifically to their individual needs. if anyone has tips or links for reference, it would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  3. Hey, guys. Overly-cautious Hyperdistortia back at it again with the substrate questions. Ok, so I know good A. dichotoma substrate needs to be mostly leaf litter and rotten oak or beech wood. It also needs to be VERY fine as to allow the larvae to consume it faster so they can spend less time chewing and more time just growing (I think). So, once I go Into The Woods and find some rotten or decaying pieces of oak and lots of dead leaves, how do I mix and grind them to a fine substrate? Do you guys usually go to a sawmill place and ask to use their wood chippers or something? Again, thanks for all the info, guys. I really want to make sure I can actually go through with raising larvae into imago and that I'm not inept, haha.
  4. Checked on all of my substrate buckets today and found one that was damper than the others. As I mixed the bucket, the substrate started to smell like dung. Closer to the bottom, the wood was pale. This part smelled the worst. I could compare the scent to canine excrements. Wish I could use it for some dung beetle reproduction haha. What could have happened?
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