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Socal substrate gathering local area

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Shout out to all the So Cal members here, I found a pretty close spot to where I live (OC area) to gather leaf litter and substrate for beetles. It's comprised of mainly oak, and it's in a national forest so no need to worry about pollution or chemicals. I got myself half a bucket full of substrate to see how it is, and there is a good mix of rotten wood chunks and leaf in it. We can plan a meet and greet day and also to grab some substrate! Let me know!

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Yes, definitely get a permit if you're collecting anything considered forest products from a national forest. If I remember correctly, you can be charged with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony otherwise.

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Which National Park did you go to?

I also live in OC but everything is pretty much dried up here.

The only luck that I got for colleting rotten oak leaves and wood was going to San Bernardino Mountains

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