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Hi guys! Just joined the forums, and actually am new to the hobby. I'm from California, and I'm actually been trying to find a seller to help kick start this hobby! Truth be told I've actually been in love with beetles and insects since I was in 4th grade, and with my recent return from Japan, I'm going to attempt to make my childhood dream of getting into this hobby a reality! Looking forward to meet you all!

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Welcome! :) You have many nice beetle species in your state, so many cool Tenebrionids! I hope you enjoy this hobby!

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Thanks for the awesome greeting guys! I do believe the timing is right!


@Acro, I'm looking at mainly stag beetles since they were the first beetles I fell in love with. I just visited Japan, and it was still relatively cold there so I didn't see many beetle stores unfortunately. And I'm trying to do as much research as I can to successfully keep and raise future beetles! Information, aside from this forum, is relatively scarce!


@Hisserdude, yes! I remember in grade school I always love watching Tenebrionids walk around the sand in the playground. Thought they were pretty awesome! I have a desert terrarium set up so I might have to find some to put in it!

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