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  1. If they're anything like yours, they'd still be the largest I've probably handled ever since I found one about 20 years ago. XD Not really sure when mine are gonna pupate though, they're still digging around, but they're very plump and yellow.
  2. They're awesome! My two larvae are still digging around a bit, no signs of pupating yet. Hope they come out as great as yours did. C:
  3. I know it's late, but welcome fellow Marylander! Lucky you happened to stumble onto one of those. I've been searching everywhere for them. Where in MD did you find it?
  4. I'm finding tons of these guys lately at my apartment!
  5. Unfortunately I haven't weighed them, but for their size they're hefty.
  6. Yeah I'm currently looking for adults myself. But I had bought these guys from a nearby breeder on here. C: I got them a couple months ago and I believe they were in their late L2 early L3 stages. It's been my first time raising them.
  7. Just gave them some new substrate and I noticed how fat and yellow they've gotten. C: Even more hairy then before!
  8. Well obviously. XD It comes with the name. But they usually go for the leaves of the plant as well. So far he's been enjoying leaves.
  9. I harvested some nearby virginia creeper and put him in his new cage, and he immediately started devouring the leaves! Glad I found a good food source, seeing as the creeper is technically in the grape family.
  10. Oh really? I may have to order some of those sometime. Especially if I run into any more beetles.
  11. Found this guy flying around the apartment tonight! Though it was hard to get a decent shot of him cause he would not stand still. Any tips on how to care for these species? I know the adults normally feed on grapevines but I'm curious if there are any other sources of food/nutrition? I heard from elsewhere they've been noted to feed on spinach and Virginia Creeper.
  12. So I'm heading down to VA for a couple days. Hopefully I may yield some better results down there. C: I've been hearing stories about some big bugs.
  13. Ah ok! So for those of us a bit further north we may have to wait a bit longer, but I don't mind. Thanks for the info! I'll continue to keep my eyes out.
  14. Ah I see. Well that makes sense. Usually I don't start seeing larger insects until halfway through summer. Cicadas, Mantids, even the overly abundant Continis Notida doesn't show up til July.
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