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  1. Dude these pictures are nuts, did you use a macro lense? They look awsome
  2. Welcome! Glad to see more people from Cali on here
  3. "Page cage".........holy autospell indeed
  4. it looks like you may be linking the link to get to the page cage you click on the image first until you get another image and then copy the link for the image? "/full" is not really the image file its missing the name of the actual image and file type what website is it from?
  5. Man this is an awsome beetle
  6. So say you get a photo from imgr or whatever and the link says www.imgr.com/thisonedude/..then should say the image name like ....imgr.com/thisonedude/coolbeetle.Jpg or .tga or .bmp or whatever image file type if it ends in something else it links the website and not the image if that makes sense ....did that make sense it makes sense in my head but as I read it it may not haha
  7. The address should end in .jpg or .bmp or whatever type of image it is sometimes it just shows a link and that links to the website itself but doesn't link the actual image
  8. check when you paste I was having the same problem but it was missing the file type
  9. thanks I thought it was a gonner from the way the larvae looked in the cell but apparently not haha
  10. This cell had cracked while this was still a very dehydrated looking larvae so i put it in a small moist container to see if it would come back to life and voila ...woke up one morning to a pupa
  11. oh my bad I missread haha first hand experiences not info ...eh still cool videos to watch
  12. I don't know if you already have but check this dudes videos he has a lot of interesting info
  13. these are awsome mine are starting to curl up at the bottom of the enclosure so I'm hoping to get some pupa soon
  14. ...where even beetles can't afford rent haha This is actually not my first post and I've also been a member for a while now, just thought I would finally introduce myself. I've been into Insects and reptiles since I was a kid, but never got into starting an actual beetle collection until very recently. Definitely looking forward to expanding my knowledge and collection.
  15. I know this is a REALLY old post but I came across this: https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/plant/pqm/pdfs/laws-and-regulations/111-CCR-s3558-Insects-imported-or-shipped-into-within-CA-without-permit.pdf I think it's a really old link but thoughts?
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