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So I have had my 2 larva for a week now. I was worried they were not eating but (thanks to a pic on this forum) tonight I dug out a ton of poop! So they are eating and pooping almost as much as caterpillars. Here is a video of them below. So I read that Dynastes tityus (which is probably what i have since Granti seems to be further southwest from me) live for at least a year in the larva stage. Given how big mine are, they are probably L3 - so how long before they pupate? Or how long do they stay L3?


I think I shall start misting my enclosure twice a day since the soil was very dry, and tomorrow I will add more soil and rotting wood to the enclosure. I do worry a bit that with 3 inches deep of soil, the poop may get lost down in the dirt ---- OR do the larva usually only poop near the top where they eat?


My larva:


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Woah...what you have there are Xyloryctes jamaicensis larvae! Try gathering all the organic materials from the area where you found them in (especially rotting leaves and woods from ash tree) and use that as substrate. Looks like one of them will build pupal cells soon.

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