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Eleodes hispilabris.


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Just thought I would post some pics of my Eleodes hispilabris. These are the first beetles I kept and are what inspired me to start keeping beetles!



WC female.



WC female with CB male.


Sorry the pics are a bit blurry, they are active beetles and do not like to stay still, lol!

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I've bred them several times in the past, and I am currently breeding them now. :) They are easy to rear and they have a high pupal survival rate.


This species is very common and widespread in the western US, and you probably have kept them before.

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Here is a very freshly enclosed adult, my guess is that it molted less than an hour before I photographed it:







Here's the same beetle a few hours later:








And here it is a day later:




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How do we sex Eleodes hispilabris?

It can be a bit hard to properly sex this species without having a side to side comparison of both sexes. Generally the males are thinner and a little shorter than the females, with the females being larger and slightly more rotund. However length can vary between individual to individual, as it is heavily affected by diet and space constraints as larvae.

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