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  1. IKR--gunna take all the food ??
  2. Haha!! Ah HA!! VERY NOICE!!
  3. Even if they were dead couldn't there be other organisms on there?? I hate that this kind of stuff is always kinda risky....
  4. I might try larvae, but I will be gone during the summer though.
  5. Walentyna or Amazonica if female Arbor or Amazon if male,
  6. You sound like an insect protester...lol
  7. I Love This Species!!!! Do you have any for sale??
  8. I'm also from Massachusetts!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the Forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. did you find it around where you live?
  10. I've got some pretty good catches from these pitfalls before, and they should work for some Rhinoceros Beetles like Xyloryctes sp.
  11. I did not, but I hope to go next year!!! soo jealous
  12. Yeah definitely, Probably harlequin, agree with Bugboy3092
  13. Well, Yeah, sorta, i guess. For example, for my darklings, i call them by their species--Eleodes hispilabris and Eleodes caudiferis
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