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Does anybody here live in the backwoods?


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Well, I used to, then a bunch of land "developers" bought up the farms around me and built a bunch of houses and condos a few years ago. Killed off almost all the Tibicen dorsatus cicadas and Dynastes tityus beetles. I can still find them if I look really hard, but it's getting harder and harder each year.


I'm thinking of moving to another location as soon as I can. Of course, all the land developers will probably follow me, because, apparently, I'm like a freakin' human divining rod to them.




P.S. - Hmmm... Kinda' reminds me of a story Chief White Halfoat tells in the book, "Catch-22":


"Every place we pitched our tent, they sank an oil well. Every time they sank a well, they hit oil. And every time they hit oil, they made us pack up our tent and go someplace else. We were human divining rods. Our whole family had a natural affinity for petroleum deposits, and soon every oil company in the world had technicians chasing us around."
Yup, just call me Chief White Halfoat. LOL
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Preacher2, I guess my definition of rural is being completely surownded by Forrest, and not being able to see your neighbor from your porch.

Bill Myers I know what you mean, I used to be complete surrender by desert and farmland, but in recent years the population has skyrocketed, so as a result most of the insects and reptiles have been pushed back :/

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I live in a small town in the desert of southern california. There's a 2 mile or so ring of green which is fields watered from the colorado river and then after that is just largely undeveloped desert for hundreds of miles. So fairly rural.

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I wouldn't call it backwoods but around my house, there is a lot of woods and forests. I remember as a kid there was so many trees and woods just flourishing with wildlife. Now, they are taking down so many trees and making new houses I barley ever see any cool bugs or salamanders like I did as a young man. However, you still will see the occasional deer, coyote, fox, hawk, and turkey. There are still plenty of white rotten logs if you search hard enough and I am grateful for that.

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