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Another mite post! Slightly different.

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I noticed today I have small, very small white mites all over my substrate… They aren't the mites you need a toothbursh to get off beetles or larvae. They seem to like the damp white wood and also enjoy the beetle jelly.


They look like this



My question is this, do these mites hurt beetles at any stage? Eggs, larvae, or adult? I know I can buy predatory mites, but if they are just cleaning up I'd rather not rid them from the substrate. They are about 1/2mm in size or less.

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Mites go through different stages and both the mites that you find moving around on their own and the mites found on larvae can be the same species.

Adult grain mites move around to find food and reproduce and the juveniles attach to invertebrates and hitch a ride.

The mobile mites are the ones that can swarm onto eggs and cause damage and they'll lay eggs that hatch into the ones that attach onto larvae and adults.

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Some mites have chewing mouthparts and many are opportunistic feeders.

If there are enough of them and they get hungry, they may nibble at the shell of a healthy egg and damage the egg enough for it to get infected with bacteria and go bad. A decaying egg will then attract more mites as those are usually more attractive as food for scavenging mites.


The more mites you see, the greater the potential for problems with your eggs and larvae.

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