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C. mutabilis

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Did you have success catching them?


An idea popped into my head that may or nay not work.


I believe bee keepers do this or used to or maybe it was just someone sick of wasps at their house......I will link rather than try to explain....of course modify it for your needs.....




With proper modification you might catch them that way, also stopping them from flying away once they are full. Maybe it could be placed in a shaded area to prevent overheating? I suggest overheating given I live in Arizona and it is quite warm at the moment with mother nature apparently turning off the monsoon rain for what I can only assume is the season.....


I also assume though that you will check on them long before any risk to them.


Then again....you might catch other things you do not want too....

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Edit: caught one on Thursday in the afternoon; :) it readily ate a banana piece and buried itself for the night, but I had to release it the next day because it went nuts trying to climb the enclosure walls and fly out. :(


I don't mean to be so negative and complain about problems all the time, but the other figeater beetles I had caught before this post by hand all displayed the same behavior of eating their food and acting calm for a few hours and later becoming agitated and trying to climb the walls frantically. Am I doing something incorrectly?

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This is good for me to hear as I might have 20ish of them growing in a container I have.


I do not think you are doing anything wrong so much as they might be reacting to instinctive responses, such as reproduction? Do they behave that way regardless of time of day?


I will have to look at your introduction post as I am not familiar with your negativity.


At least in this thread, you appear to be presenting problems which will hopefully be answered soon by someone more knowledgeable than myself.

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I think they are trying to fly out. In my area, the figeater beetles don't seem to congregate on rotting fruits. Instead, they visit the flowers of various tree species, especially oak, which can be about as high up as a two-story building, which involves much flying, maneuvering, and generally behaving like a loud green bumblebee.

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