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Hello from Southern California!


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I've been a registered user here for several months already, but for some strange reason I never got the confirmation email and couldn't post.

Today even though I didn't get the confirmation email my account is now validated for some reason! :)




I am an artificial life enthusiast (think Karl Sims) and live in the San Gabriel Valley, which is one of the worst places to be an insect enthusiast in; the only beetles we even have are various junebugs and Cotinis mutabilis, and the place is devoid of life in general, save the cosmopolitan ants, bees, flies, lacewings, micromoths, etc. I currently have a small amount of superworm beetles, which I will post later about...

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I love artificial life as well, it helps us understand life ( as we perceive it) objectively.

Karl Sims pushes the boundaries, he does some awesome work, I have his website bookmarked.

I a like Breve, Critterding and 3dvce simulators.

You will find lots of info here and you should be able to get some cool beetles.

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Hi, and welcome! If you live by a desert you should be able to find some darkling beetles around you. Look forward to reading your posts! :)

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There are over 1200 "pending" members in the application queue, but the majority of them are spambots. There was a breach in the spam member filters a couple months ago and a flood of new member accounts. I just sort of scratched the whole lot of them during that time period because I don't have time to manually check each account to verify whether they are a spammer or not.


Welcome and sorry for the delay. I do occasionally go through a couple pages of members applications from that time period and maybe I approved yours recently. In any case, new member accounts are being checked weekly again.

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